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School Messenger

We would like to increase the ways we reach out and communicate with parents. Currently, we use School Messenger email (like this one ????, automated phone calls, our FB page and our website. We have used REMIND texting in the past, but would like to integrate it again. If you would like to receive text messages of important information directly to your phone or email. Please follow these instructions. If your contact information has changed or is incorrect, you will miss out on important notifications. Thanks so much!

Power School Parent Instructions


WRSD (website)


PowerSchool Public

Parent Login

ID -

PW - 

- If you don't remember your ID or PW, please call the school 403.845.3711 for assistance.


When in PowerSchool Parent Portal:

- If more than one student at WC, toggle between children at top of screen

- Click on the grade and it opens and shows you each assignment and test mark

- Click on the hyperlinked teacher's name to email the teacher directly

- There is a PowerSchool App if you would like to use that, WCHS code is KNQR



When in PowerSchool Parent Portal:

- There is a menu bar on the left hand side of the screen (if you are using your cell phone, turn your phone to the side)

- Click on School Engage at the bottom of the menu

- This is where you will find the Demographic Confirmation Information that needs to be completed annually