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Teachers and Support Staff at West Central High School

Attendance Line 1-855-756-2797

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Stacey Wigley 

Vice Principal

Meghan Brown Acting Principal

Hayden Brenneis Acting Vice Principal


Jeff Baltzer

Natalie Bowman

Tammy Bradshaw

Hayden Brenneis

Marion Cale

Catherine Currie

Christopher Egeto

Joel Entz

Katherine Evans

Simone Grimard

Wade Kanzig

Justin Klein

Tracy Knopp

Brittni Kwantes

Brad LeMaistre

Candace Marshall

Jenna McPhedran

Stephen Pardy

Warren Sembaliuk

Crystal Stang

Anastasia Uhlmann

Family Wellness Worker

Anneleen DeBryn

Administrative Services II

Chelsea Hunt

Marion Morin

Nicole Dawson

Distance Learning 

Whitney Boyd

Librarian Tech

Tom Haennel



5506 - 50th Street
Rocky Mountain House , AB T4T 1W7

Phone: 403-845-3711