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Important Information for Missed Exams

Diploma Exams - Special Cases: 

Contact the school before the start of the exam or as soon as possible if you cannot write the exam due to the following:

    • Bereavement for immediate family
    • Acute illness, concussion, surgery (within 3 weeks prior) 
    • Inclement weather 
      • Inclement weather includes situations where the weather conditions prevent a student from being able to arrive safely at the nearest available writing location or where the writing locations have been closed. Students must make every attempt to travel to, and arrive at, the writing location with exception to cases in which travel will be potentially harmful. Consideration is made for distance traveled; however, students must select the closest possible available location to write, usually the school where the student is registered for instruction.  

NOTE: In the event that many students are unable to attend the writing of an examination as a result of inclement weather, a group application will be submitted to Alberta Education by the principal.

If a student misses a final exam without approval, the final exam will be counted as a 0. 

Students have up to one hour to attend their final exam.  

Late Arrival due to Inclement Weather:  Allowances are made for students arriving late as a result of inclement weather.  Students have up to one hour to arrive at the exam, and if they arrive late because of inclement weather, they will be allowed the full allotted time for the examination.  

Parents and students are reminded that announcements with regard to buses not running are posted on the Wild Rose School Division website at and on the radio station B94 - FM 94.5. Parents and students can also receive push notifications of their bus cancellations through the Bus Status app, available from the App Store or Play Store.

If a student is not able to arrive within that hour to write their diploma exam, they must complete a “Request for Exemption” form which will be submitted to Alberta Education.  These forms are available at the office. 

Supporting documentation must be included in the request for exemption. 

    • Bereavement for immediate family - Death certificate or funeral announcement required. 
    • Inclement weather - AMA road report, tow truck report, police road advisory, etc. 
    • Acute illness, concussion, surgery (ongoing medical conditions or anxiety are not eligible for a request for exemption)  - medical form (available from AB Ed web site or school office). Please note that a note directly from the doctor does not meet Alberta Education requirements. 

Alberta Education will make a decision on the “Request for Exemption” that may result in one of the following: 

  • Denied - The diploma mark will be entered as a 0 and the student will need to pay to register to write at the next exam sitting. 
  • Deferred - the student will write the diploma exam at the next sitting (January, April, June, August, November).
  • Exempted - Student will be awarded the teacher mark.  *Please note that full exemptions are rarely granted. 

If the diploma exam is two part (English and Social), the other portion of the diploma exam is not automatically exempted.  For example, if inclement weather is a barrier for a student to write the Part A, they must apply for the exemption and provide supporting documentation, and then write the Part B on the designated date.  

Non-Diploma Exams

All final exams are scheduled and students are expected to be present to write their final exam.  

Student final exams may be exempted or deferred for the following reasons: 

  • Bereavement - death in immediate family
  • Acute medical illness or surgery - Doctor’s medical certificate required  (within 3 weeks of the exam date)
  • Inclement weather  - unsafe road conditions and/or student’s bus is not running.

If, for one of the above conditions, can not attend the final exam, please contact the office and your child’s teacher.

A deferred exam date may be either at the end of the exam week or at the next final exam sitting ( January or June). 

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